Bud Simpson
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Montage Reel

The following reel showcases selected work from 2016-present. For booking inquiries, please use the following contact form.

Hey there, I’m Bud Simpson. I’m a director of photography working (and playing) in ATL.

But my work takes me all over the world.

I’ve gained an international reputation for crafting impactful moving images.

Ever since I was a kid I loved the movies. To this day, I’m still absolutely swept away by BIG stories told with BIG images and BIG sound.

I take that same passion for larger than life images to work everyday.


For me, it’s about stretching the medium as far as it’ll go. I’m always wondering, “How can I photograph this in a way that’ll make it unforgettable?”

- Bud


// Full Bio

Bud Simpson is an international DP known for his documentaries and brand films. In 2017 he started the production company, Great Wild & Co., which produces conservation-based branded docs for outdoor brands and non-profits. In addition to his work as a director of photography, he co-directs the documentary film training program, Stories Found which is based in Nairobi, KE. Bud lives in Atlanta, GA.


For all inquiries, questions, or coffee-dates reach me directly through this form. Cheers, Bud

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