Video Tutorial: Time-lapse Workflow for the GH5

One of the most exciting features of the GH5 is its ability to shoot a high-resolution time-lapse, in-camera without any additional gear or software.

Note: This timelapse tutorial is based on GH5 Firmware update v. 2.4

In the second part of our tutorial on the time-lapse workflow for the GH5, we’ll go over how to ingest and organize photo sequences in Adobe Lightroom, create an .mov of your time-lapse in After Effects, and output that file for editing and a final grade in Premiere.

In this workflow, we’ll use three separate applications to create a final time-lapse:

  1. Lightroom: used for media management, clip naming, and color grading.

  2. After Effects: used for generating the time-lapse sequence and applying stabilization.

  3. Premiere: used for editing and applying a final grade.

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Bud Simpson