Build a Filmmaking Kit for Less than $5K

You don’t need a $40K camera to get that coveted cinematic look. This $5K filmmaking kit is perfect for boutique productions.

It’s so easy to get addicted to gear — the unending stream of video equipment that hits the market weekly tempts every filmmaker and video producer. This is especially true this time of year, after we’re all still decompressing from NAB highlights. That makes it a great time to get back to the basics.

What do you really need in your filmmaking kit that’s going to produce consistent results for you and for your clients? It can be challenging to decide which tools you actually need to keep in your kit.

My filmmaking kit is modest at best. No single piece of equipment exceeds $1,000. And using this kit, I’ve shot award-winning, feature-length documentaries as well as shorter docs, brand films, and several short narrative vignettes. This kit has delivered quality and reliability for almost two years now, and my ROI exceeded my investment (roughly $5,000 USD) almost overnight.

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Bud Simpson