An international Director/DP known for documentaries and brand films.

Invasive Ants in the Laikipia Plateau

180 micro-documentaries in 2 years


An edu-documentary series for K-12 STEM teachers in Florida.

As a part of the edu-documentary series, Perspectives, our team created 180 micro-documentaries over the course of two years. Each of these open access 5-7 minute micro-docs are published on the site CPALMS and are used as professional development for k-12 STEM teachers.





High-volume PRODUCTION



The Series


Wing Design and Standard Deviation

Brandon Reese is a Ph.D. candidate at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering, studying adaptive control systems. Brandon let us visit his lab to film this doc on his "smart wing" - a wing that controls flow through the use of pressure jets, and thus has no moving parts.

Sampling Strategies in the Intertidal Zone

Will Ryan describes the techniques he uses to conduct his research on sea anemone sex.

The Math Behind the Music

Kyle Dunn is a luthier and owner of Stringfest, a Tallahasseean string and instrument repair shop. He let us visit his workshop to talk about math and music. Turns out that optimizing an instrument for sound is more complicated than changing strings and tuning a few pegs.