An international Director/DP known for documentaries and brand films.

How to Tie A Bowtie

A branded how-to video


Providing value to an audience in the form of branded how-to content.

Tai shares this video with all of her groomsmen who wear bowties for their wedding day - they learn how to tie a bowtie, and she gets a bump in views each time she shares it: win, win.

Tai's overall goal was to produce a video series that communicated her values and personality.


TAI NUNEZ Photography



How-to video


Social media marketing



The Series


Tai Nunez Photography | Brand Film

Tai Nunez was looking for an advantage in her the competitive local wedding photography market. We produced a series of brand films, including this primary spot, to complement her marketing strategy.

Eva & Bud | A Love Story

Eva and I love Tai - she's an awesome person, and we have stunning photos from our wedding. It was a no-brainer that we produce a testimonial video for Tai to use on her site.