Feedback & Testimonials

This is excellent and approved for distribution… I especially appreciate the proactive effort by Bud in producing this much-needed product. Very good work!

No recommendations for changes. It is exactly what I was going for! Thanks very much Bud. I appreciate your hard work on this promotional piece.

It is a beautiful production. Yes, we have an extraordinary team. [Instructional Media Production.

-Dr. Susann Rudasill, Director, Office of Distance Learning

Thanks again for the great work. You have set a high standard for us.

-Sandy D’Alemberte, Former President of the American Bar Association

This video looks very good. Nice presentation… I commend Bud for proactively thinking about what problems customers might encounter and developing good products that address potential problems.

Bud, you are doing an exceptional job on these ‘Best Practices’ videos. I am looking forward to many more excellent products from you.

-Dr. E Shen, Asst. Director, Office of Distance Learning

Bud, This looks perfect. Thanks again for your great work and help.

-Dr. Kevin Beaver, Associate Professor, FSU College of Criminology

Bud, that represents the culmination of skill, artistry, and passion. Exceptional job!

-Dr. Kevin Fenton, Professor, FSU College of Music

Beautiful. Can’t wait to put this obvious talent (Bud) to further use…

-Dr. Christopher Coutts, Asst. Professor, FSU Dept. of Urban & Regional

Bud, I was able to watch your video … and you did a great job! Very happy with your work and impressed with the overall product.

­-Dr. Michael Ormsbee, Asst. Professor, FSU Dept. of Nutrition, Food & Exercise Sciences

I am proud to present to you the result of our Panama City media team trip. Bud [has] done an excellent job with the footage we obtained there. The talent of our media team continues to amaze me. [Instructional Media Production]

-Lee Ann Kelley, Faculty, Office of Distance Learning

…this is a very well-produced video. I especially like the way it models appropriate application of the principles discussed. Well done!

-Dr. Jean-Marc Wise, Faculty, Office of Distance Learning

Work Summary for Bud Simpson

FALL 2012 – SUMMER 2013


  • Manage productions from concept to completion
  • Determine effective uses of new media to enrich online learning
  • Identify necessary resources, time, and scope of incoming projects
  • Develop unique production plans for projects
  • Assign production duties and delegate tasks to a team of three (3)
  • Develop vehicles for feedback and data collection
  • Teach team members best practices for SONY FS-100 and TriCaster operation, studio lighting and chroma key, audio capture, Final Cut Studio, Flash Professional, After Effects, Photoshop, and workflow management
  • Set and attain internal goals for the Instructional Media Production unit; strategy and troubleshooting
  • Research and create effective instructional media solutions


  • Drafted VP-level proposal on utilization and value of upgraded studio space that was approved by university Provost; resulted in priority of request moving from +100th place to short list
  • Delivered three (3) unique marketing pieces that appeal to undergraduates, working adults, and Spanish-speaking students
  • Alleviated production bottlenecks by designing and implementing a revised workflow; reduced production times by 8-10 hrs.
  • Produced +30 hours of instructional content; generated +5000 unique user views
  • Redesigned project templates to satisfy Quality Matters requirements
  • Designed video-branding template modeled after those used by Fortune 500 companies
  • Developed workflow for three (3) new project types